Perfectly Harmless Pranks to Play on Your Friends

Life can be a bit boring sometimes. There’s no need to spend thousands of pounds sending your mates lunch into space, or wrapping their car bright pink. Spice up your life (and your friends) with these harmless yet hilarious pranks.

Hide Two, Tell Them Three

If you want to get in trouble with your roommates, then hide their things. However, if you want to really cause them to get upset, tell them that you’ve hidden more than you actually have.

Raining Confetti

It’s rainy day, and your victim left his umbrella unattended. This is your chance to prank him by putting some confetti inside his umbrella. To ensure that the pieces don’t get left behind, make sure that the edges are clean. When he opens it, you know that the prank is about to happen.

The Photo Replacement

This is a classic prank, sitting right under peoples noses. Replace photos of your family and friends with pictures of complete strangers. You can use celebrities, animals, enemies, etc.

The Lottery Win

The classic dream. Tell a friend or family member that you have just won the lottery, and they’ll be over the moon for you. Just make sure you’re really vague, and leave them guessing. This works best as a text or message.

Poop pop

Put some bubble wrap underneath your toilet seat, and gently lower it down. The next time your pal or family member sits down to do their business, they’ll be in for a popping surprise!

We hope these harmless pranks get you the laughs while keeping you out of trouble. If you’ve got any more suggestions, just let us know in the comments. If you want to avoid pranks, you might want to look at some of our jokes to drop into a message to your friends instead.

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