Butterfly jokes to bring you out of your cocoon

Butterflies just aren’t what they used to be. There’s a pun there somewhere…

Whether you’re a social butterfly or you’re spending your life wrapped up in your cocoon, here are our list of the funniest butterfly jokes to help pass the day away.

While escaping from the police, what did one bug say to the other?

You butterfly!

I love raising caterpillars as pets.

It always gives me butterflies.

What looks like half a butterfly?

The other half.

I found a butterfly without wings…

So I poured some Red Bull on it and pow… it drowned.

What happens when you throw a piece of butter out of the window?


How do you get rid of butterflies in your stomach?

Stop eating caterpillars

My friend bet me $100 that I couldn’t do an impression of a butterfly.

I thought. “That’s worth a flutter.”

Why didn’t the butterfly go to the dance?

It was a moth ball.

I think I’m going to ask out the girl from the pet shop.

She gave me butterflies.

When I killed a honeybee dad told me no honey for a week.

When I killed a butterfly he said no butter for a week.

Well mom just killed a cockroach,
Should I tell her for you?

What did the butterfly say when it got attacked?

I butterfly away.

My son asked, “Dad, every time I talk to girls, I get butterflies in my stomach! What should I do?!”

I gently put my arm around him and replied, “That’s easy son.”

“Stop eating caterpillars!”

Did you hear about the butterfly that ate too many stones?

… he shat-a-pillar.

What does a chatty caterpillar become?

A social butterfly.

My mom got really upset when I threw our butter out of my window.

I just wanted to see a butterfly.

I spent weeks in the jungle with nothing to eat but raw caterpillars.

When I walked back into civilisation, there were certainly a few butterflies in my stomach.

I’m really nervous about this bug-eating contest.

I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.

How do caterpillars swim?

They do the butterfly.

What’s one thing that will always give you butterflies no matter what?


What do New Guinea butterfly babies call their dads?

Papua pupa papas.

What do you call a butterfly that can fly faster than any other butterflies?

A betterfly.

What did the nervous spider say to the audience?

“Forgive me guys, but I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.”

A butterfly climbs out of its chrysalis.

And says, “Oh my god, I’m turning into my mother!”

That’s all for our butterfly jokes, we hope they made you flutter with laughter. If you enjoyed these jokes, check out our other jokes about why the chicken crossed the road.

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