Funny Biden Jokes for Bi-den Your Time

The 46th President of the United States, born in 1942 and officially the subject of the most jokes we’ve ever known. Yes, that’s right, more than Trump. Whether you’re a fan of him or not, we can all admit that his bumbling through speeches and questionable answers to most questions provide us with all of humour we need in our lives, and much more. Here are some of our favourite jokes about Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is like a web browser with 19 tabs open

17 are frozen and he doesn’t know where the music is coming from.

What do Joe Biden and Russia have in common?

Neither of them respect boundaries.

Joe Biden recently said his kid’s won’t have offices in the White House.

Mainly because he also won’t have an office in the White House.

What’s the best thing about being Joe Biden?

Waking up every day and learning that you’re the president.

Joe Biden had a meeting with the cabinet today.

He also spoke to the bookcase and argued with the desk.

Trump and Biden are trapped on island. Who survives?


What’s Joe Biden’s favourite arcade game?

Space Invaders

When Joe Biden announced that he was running for President…

I felt so touched.

Why is Joe Biden like the Coronavirus?

They are both sweeping through the states, taking the elderly’s breath away.

My girlfriend told me she will leave me if I don’t support Trump…

I said “ok.. Bi-den.”

Joe Biden has forgotten more about governing than Trump ever learned.

Why is Joe Biden afraid of getting COVID?

Because he’d lose his sense of smell.

Obama: Wave at the people, Joe.


Obama: Please just wave.


Joe Biden jokes

My penis is like Joe Biden.

Slightly left-leaning, and nobody’s first choice.

Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump secretly have regular Zoom conversations.

Bernie: “I dreamed last night that God spoke to me. He said that he wanted me to be president.”

Joe: “That’s funny. I had the exact same dream.”

Donald: “I don’t remember talking to either of you last night.”

Hopefully, Biden will never be the leader of my country

Because if he is, something’s gone wrong with the British legal system.

What is the difference between Joe Biden and a knife?

A knife has a point.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our funny Joe Biden jokes, and if you’ve got some more to contribute, just drop them in the comments below! Not had enough humour for today? Take a look at our other top jokes.

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