Make your own meme

What is the meme generator?

The meme generator is designed as a way to make your own meme, without any watermarks. We’ve designed it specifically to be as simple to use as possible. You can add an image, as well as text to both the top and bottom of the image. Once you’ve created it, you can save it to send to your friends.

How to make your own meme

It couldn’t be any simpler.

Simply upload your image using the file uploader:

Next, type in your text to the ‘Top Text’ box. This is the text you want to appear at the top of the image (just in case you weren’t sure…)

Then, in another fairly self explanatory step, you should type the text you want to appear at the bottom of your meme in the ‘Bottom Text’ box.
Follow that up by clicking the big green ‘Create your meme’ button, et voila, there is your meme!

You can save it, copy it, refresh the page and lose it. The possibilities are endless!

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