Ouch… bad back jokes to keep you upright

There’s nothing like a bad back joke to help you with your bad back. Or maybe you need a doctor. Whatever. Here are some jokes.

Do you guys remember when I told you about my spine issue?

It was about a week back.

I was referred to a doctor with chronic back pain.

I hope he’s still able to treat me.

A normal person’s back:

  • Will hurt over time
  • Pretty boring overall
  • Has a lot of dumb bones

Backstreets back:

  • Alright

A spine surgeon’s to-do list:

1. Get back to work.

Did you hear about the footballer who had to have 75% of his spine removed during surgery?

He’s a quarterback.

I’m thinking of having surgery to remove my spine.

It’s holding me back.

The crazy surgeon took out my spine and replaced it with someone else’s during my surgery.

I’m furious.

I want to get my own back.

I decided to try the ancient Chinese practice of using needles to get rid of back pain…

The heroin worked a treat for me.

I mentioned my back pain to my mum today.

Her reply?

“At least it’s all behind you.”

If 38 comes before 39, what comes after 40?

Back pain.

What does Captain Jack Sparrow do when he has back pain?

Pilates of the Caribbean.

What does a frog with back pain say?

Rub-it, rub-it.

A Irishman, Mick goes to the doctor complaining of back pain…

Doctor: “Well I cant find anything wrong with you… it must be the drinking”
Mick “I’ll come back when you’re sober Doctor”

Who does Mr. Salt go to when he has back pain?

Dr. Pepper.

Lower back pain is the worst…

It’s a real pain in the ass.

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