The Best Star Wars Jokes, These Are

Everyone loves Star Wars, right? Sprinkle a bit of comedy with it and you’ve got the perfect situation. Feast your eyes on our collection of the best Star Wars jokes to get you giggling.

Why were the Star Wars movies made out of order?

“Because in charge of scheduling, Yoda was.”

I went to a sale at the Maul.

Everything was half off.

How do Tusken’s cheat on their taxes?

They always single file, to hide their numbers.

How warm is it inside a Tauntaun?


What was Tarkin’s favorite brand of toilet paper?

Charmin to the last.

Luke and Darth Vader are sitting around the Christmas tree

Darth Vader: Luke! breathing I know what you’re getting for Christmas.

Luke: How could you know?

Darth Vader: breathing Because I felt your presents.

What do you call someone that tries to be a Jedi?


What do you call stormtroopers playing Monopoly?

Game of Clones

What do you call a Sith who won’t fight?

A Sithy.

Why is a Jedi knight never lonely?

Because the force is always with him.

What’s the similarity between duct tape and the force?

They have a light side and a dark side, and they hold the universe together.

What do Jedi use to view PDF files?

Adobe-Wan Kenobi

Why was Yoda bad at geometry?

Because to him there are no triangles, only do-or-do-not-angles.

How do you find a Jedi’s eyes?

Look next to their Jedi Temples.

What do you tell a Jedi when he’s using his powers at the dinner table?

Use the forks.

Whats the most popular band on Tatooine?

That’s all for this dose of Star Wars jokes, but if you’ve got any to let us know, leave them in the comments below, you should.

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