Wholesome memes to send to your boyfriend

Communicating through actual written words is so last year. Memes are the future of communication – here are our favourite wholesome memes which are perfect to send to your boyfriend.

My wife doing anything meme
My wife is great.
Good relationship meme
A great relationship.
Good and bad news meme
Me as a wife.
Mad at bae meme
Mad at bae.
Crazy girls meme
Me? Crazy?
Ticklish ear meme
Drama meme
Playstation = the devil.
2 types of boyfriend meme
2 types of boyfriend.
Goodnight kisses meme
Goodnight kisses?
Leaving meme
I miss you meme
Food = life.
Video games meme
Playstation = still the devil
Watching a film meme
Well would you?
Chocolate meme
Chocolate cures everything.
What is love meme
What is love?
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